Joy trees for Thea

Joy trees for Thea

How lovely and colourful! I'm flattered to have a painting done for me - thank you so much. I really love the clarity and brightness of the pigments. It is such a joyful painting. Did you enjoy doing it? I think you've got something there - a unique style. I am sure Judi would be impressed.

Many thanks, Thea! I certainly had fun with this one! I did mix the blue leaves on the palette- 2nd tree from the left. Also there is very little mixing of colours on the paper going on either. Judi would not be impressed with such shinnanigans, I wouldn't have thought! Just me up to a bit of nonsense, yet again! lol Many thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated, best wishes, colleen xx

You are my treasured friend, my jelly bean tree, full of kind smiles, and sweet colored thoughts. Wonderful, exhuberant style :-D Thank you for your delightful comments Colleen!

It's a pleasure, Rod, thank you for yours!

Hang on Studio Wall

For the laugh, did this to emulate Judi Whitton as proposed by Thea on the forum- more of a Pollack perhaps?! lol

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