Earth to earth Graph 2

Earth to earth Graph 2

Wow! Colours in abundance, Colleen. Where do you get your amazing inspiration from? Very striking work.

Gosh, wish I had your imagination. Love the deep blues and the turquoise in this.Very unusual.

Where have you been hiding these great works Colleen. Best wishes Paul.

Hi Colleen I think I follow how you got to this here...I love the shapes & colours in this version of an unusual angled composition...well done.

Hi Thea, Val, Paul and Phil, Many, many thanks for your kind compliments. I was taught the basics of graphics by my friend, Jean-Michel Wagner, graphic designer in Nancy, France and he gave me advice later too, so I feel very grateful to him for his help & friendship, it's a fun world he gave me to view, best wishes, colleen

What a lovely piece of work such imagination the colours are beautiful

Can't leave this one alone to my interpretation it looks like a view of Hubble from the space shuttle but then I nave an interest in astronomy...feet never on the ground

Many thanks, Patsy, it's much appreciated & gives me a view of it i never saw before :) best wishes, colleen

Hi Colleen...the intense stare?...never let them settle or feel comfortable...never ask them a question that you do not know chapter & verse on...whip, upended chair, shin-pads & crash-helmet...back to the open door...the Friday p.m. position..

Just like you learned on the PGCE course! And that's only a short explication on group management for over 65s oxbridge graduate learners!! Many thanks for the craic, Phil. You're a cross between a pal & an angel ! best wishes, colleen

Cross between a pal and an angel?...mmm no wonder the label says St Michael is about time you added to your gallery here too...mmm perhaps I'm some sort of part-time life coach?

Thanks for takng the time to comment, Phil. It's very difficult for me to produce graphics; spiritus ubi vult spirat & besides, my computer struggles with the bulky programmes these days! I did this as a special tribute to my friend. Best regards, colleen Carpe diem. Le soleil brille pour tous et toutes!

Watcha Colleen, ah, found you, had a quick look at your stuff, excellent, particularly like these abstracted images, well executed. Thanks for the comment on my bit of fooling around:-) best Mick

Thanks, Mick. Liked your painting. Also love the one of the man in the purple cloak on your blog! Gave me a laugh too! Ta!

Watcha Colleen, what do you mean, man in the purple cloak, gave you a laugh, that's me:-) best Mick

Ooops! Sorry, Mick! Bit afraid of the men in suits!

Thanks for taking the trouble to look at my blogs. Colleen. Love the abstracts you have posted here, couldnt see anything lately? If you are anything like me it is a question of photographing to a suitable level before you can post the pictures, i am always more interested in other peoples than my own, after all i already know what mine look like.

Thanks, Angela, this is a graphic. I haven't photos of my latest paintings and sketches, as my tempermental laptop isn't keen on uploading images from my camera :) I love the way you create rock in pastels. The rocks on Irish beaches are stunning and yu've got there essence into the painting!

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