'Farm House, Silsden in the Dale'

'Farm House, Silsden in the Dale'

The light is glorious and that sky!

A real impression of sunshine and showers.

This is lovely Colin

Bright and fresh looking, has that after rain look, where everything seems greener.

A lovely piece, full of atmosphere and light.

A very effective painting, especially the treatment of the foreground field.

Thank you all. It was painted from a sketch and photo take onsite but it was the sky I could see from my studio window that reminded me of that day in Silsden. Then the atmosphere and feel of that day came flooding back. I tried to put down that memory onto watercolour paper.

Lovely loose watercolour, you seem to be painting in a bolder way recently.

Yes Stephen my style has changed a lot over the years. As one artist (James Fletcher-Watson) told me 'why use two brush strokes when one will do'. I'm trying hard to put that theory into action.

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On my trip to the Dales last year I painted and made sketches of all areas that I visited. Working from a sketch made on that trip but using a sky that I could see from my studio window I painted this view across farm land. There is a video on my YouTube channel and the community section of painters online

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Website: colinsteedart.com I started painting as a hobby back in the 1970's experimenting with all mediums. After a while I found watercolour and most recently Acrylic, suited my way of doing things. It's clean to use, dries quickly and with a small amount of materials you can capture a scene in…

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