A lovely portrait painting Christine , pained really well.

Fantastic portrait Christine.

This really glows Christine. You have portrayed such a strong presence of this beautiful lady, with her twinkly eyes and those intricate corn rows. Just amazing.

Lovely painting Christine, the hair is wonderful.

I like your portrait a lot, yes, very tricky for those artists on Portrait Artist of the Year

Lovely work, Christine. Great job on the hair, and her expression is excellent.

I love the programme Christine! Well done with this portrait, such a good likeness!

Wonderful portrait Christine!

Excellent, Christine. I tried to take a screenshot of David A and the ballet dancer but I was too slow, they were grimacing! Love watching the prog too

Thank you Paul, Denise,Heather and Fiona. Carole, Russell and Lewis-The hair took a long time to do! Karen and Marjorie glad you enjoy watching it like I do. Think I was just lucky Marjorie that the shot came out.

Superb portrait

Well done, she’d love this.

I think this is my favourite of all of your portraits. Incredible work.

Hang on Studio Wall

I love watching PATOW and seeing how each artist paints the person who is sitting for them. Maggie Aderin-Pocock had such a lovely face and personality too that I wanted to try to capture it too and took a screenshot. I’ve great admiration for the artists who complete their paintings in 4 hours with people watching and being interrupted by the judges .

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