A sunflower for Ukraine


A beautiful painting and a really excellent tribute to the people of a Ukraine, I too hope that they are able to win through .

I’m sure we’re all hoping for the best. Thanks Christine for this.

Nice painting , great sentiments. Thank you .

A lovely idea, hearts and minds are with the poor Ukraine's.

Nicely expressed Christine. A dreadful situation.

What a lovely tribute Christine. Didn’t know it was Ukraine’s symbol. A flower so full of optimism, strength and warmth, which you have displayed perfectly. Do hope the conflict ends very soon.

A beautiful painting with all of our thoughts behind it. Thank you Christine.

I didn't know that Christine, good tribute and thanks for posting

Beautiful tribute for those poor people, my heart goes out to them.

Great sentiment and really good painting - it seems to be a symbol of hope - can't believe all this is happening

A beautiful tribute.

Thank you everyone for supporting Ukraine- and so great to see so many other sunflowers in the gallery today!

How wonderful to see all the support for the Ukraine!!

This is lovely Christine. I'm sure all our thoughts go out to those poor people, and hope peace will soon return.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sunflowers - the flower of Ukraine. My small tribute to those whose lives have been turned upside down with the events happening right now. Hoping their strength and resilience wins the day.

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