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Fabulous Christine, great luminosity and perfect skin tones.

What a beauty for five weeks’ of age. You have painted her with love and feeling, emanating from the surface Christine.

How lovely Christine! At least she’s too young to understand what’s going on.

Lovely painting Christine

Beautifully painted Christine, such beautiful eyes

Thank you Heather, Carole, Tessa, Russell, Paul and Romila for all your lovely comments. She’s a little beauty to me, but then I might be biased!,

She is Carole! Thank you.

Every time I see your work I am amazed by how talented you are. Another stunning portrait Christine.

Thanks very much Carolyn!

Gorgeous portrait Christine

Hang on Studio Wall

My new granddaughter five weeks old and already different from the last time I saw her. What will she be like when all of this is over? And we’ll have to get to know each other all over again.

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From a young age as long as I had pencil and paper to hand, I’ve been happy. I have dabbled mainly with watercolour and in an effort to become more proficient joined local art classes. However since retiring I’ve had the opportunity (and time!) to try different media, and discovered a love of…

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