The Bean, Chicago


How interesting and really good Christine

Interesting and super reflections Christine.

This is terrific Christine, what an amazing building! A great challenge and I think you’ve done very well.

A marvellous subject, so well rendered. This is a piece of art I'd love to see.

Thank you Heather, Denise, Tessa and Lewis. It is quite stunning visually Lewis.

A great approach on a curved reflective surface led to a brilliant painting!!

Thank you Spencer for your kind comment

Dazzling. A tough challenge well met Christine.

I really like this Christine, a tough thing to paint but you've succeeded brilliantly.

Thank you Russell for that lovely comment. Think I’ll go back to people for a while!

Hang on Studio Wall

The Bean is a stainless steel iconic landmark in Chicago, with great reflections. You can walk through it and look upwards. Ever started something and wished you hadn’t? Not the best, but thought I might as well share it. If you’re ever in Chicago, make sure you visit it!

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From a young age as long as I had pencil and paper to hand, I’ve been happy. I have dabbled mainly with watercolour and in an effort to become more proficient joined local art classes. However since retiring I’ve had the opportunity (and time!) to try different media, and discovered a love of…

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