Light and dark


That IS a lot of charcoal Christine, but a very effective piece, great character in that face.

Excellent use of light 👌

What a super, strong character. Love it Christine.

Good grief - talk about making life hard for yourself. Very effective though!

Super charcoal

Many thanks for all your great comments. They are always appreciated. Thank you Jacqueline for reminding me of that lovely word- chiaroscuro! Yes Linda it wasn’t easy -I needed to get the really dark background to make his face stand out, so lots of charcoal!😂 It made me realise I need to order more black paper.

Brilliant work Christine.

Hang on Studio Wall
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A charcoal drawing on white paper - a lot of charcoal! I think I prefer drawing on black paper for these types of pictures. A4 From a photo by Oscan Ali.

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