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I am willing to believe it's a water meadow, or salt marsh, but don't really care about not seeing a blue field. It's the final picture that counts and I like this one.

We’re artists, we have the ability to create our own narrative - and this is a lovely piece Chrissie! Of course, now I know, I can see gold oil bar… works well!

Different and good!


The colours work really well. I like it very much.

Thankyou all for your comments- this was a bit of an experiment but it’s always good for me to let the painting find its own way!

At first I thought it was a pastel but whatever it’s eye catching and works well. Love it!

Such a beautiful painting - the atmosphere reminds me of a freezing cold winter afternoon. Amazing!

Posted by Anna Sea on Thu 10 Aug 16:43:26
Hang on Studio Wall

6x6inches panel I made a pile of small panels covered with end scraps of unprimed canvas. All now primed and ready to use. This is the first one - and yes I haven’t seen a blue field either but in the end the painting went it’s own way..!

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