The Glen


This is absolutely beautiful - love it.

Definitely my sort of vista Chrissie, I’d relish this myself if I was sat there! Super interpretation from you and your use of bold colours is always impressive.

Lovely composition, Chrissie, with that meandering river leading you towards the hills, but above all I love those beautiful colours!

Love those colours - a beautiful view.

I love the way you think in colour, Chrissie. This is super.

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments . I do appreciate reading them. With this painting I did wonder how viewers might react - the colours are pretty vibrant!

Lovely colour Chrissie. Great painting.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on canvas 70x60cms. For some time I have wanted to paint this particular view of Glen Clova, looking down towards Glen Doll. I had several attempts which are ok but seemed to be lacking something - and I felt in the end that it was probably the colour palette that was not right. So here as an experiment, I took as inspiration the colours of rosebay willowherb, ragwort and the wild grasses that grow there and worked it round them.

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