St John’s Wort from Rebecca’s Garden


A real eye-catcher, Carole, with those strong vibrant colours. Beautiful composition. What did you do for the background?

Thank you Mia for your lovely comments. The background became very muddied when I tried to do washes of purple and dark green with the hot pressed paper, which I have never used before, it just became a dirty mess. I then tried lifting out areas of paint to make lighter areas but the purples became lost in the darker colours.

Never maind the problems. The purples are fine here and there and the whole background is full of greenary as in a real hedge behind the flowers. A great job you have done there, Carole.I wouldn't change anything about is. The flowers really stand out. Beautiful result!!!!!

Vibrant colours Carole.

I don’t know how you get such vibrant colours with watercolour, Carole!

Lovely and fresh - an attention grabber

Lovely vibrant colours, Carole! (The background looks fine despite your difficulty with the paper - I don’t like hot pressed either, only tried it once, went straight back to the not.)

Really Catches your eye - I love the colours Carole,(naturally!!).

Many thanks John, Collette, Tanusree, Katy, Heather, Jenny and Shaun for your continued support and encouragement. Always appreciated. Katy I do love watercolours that have a subtler palette than mine but I lack the skill involved . I just hope for the best by using loads of layers of colour and usually end up with them being a bit OTT.

I don't think it is too garish. Really stands out. My ten pennyworth is that if you mask out the main subject, then it gives you the freedom to become loose with the background and prevents overpainting. But what do I know!

So eye catching love it!

Thank you Stephen and Linda for taking the time to leave such positive comments. I’ll take your advice next time Stephen but won’t be using hot pressed paper.

Lovely vibrant painting Carole. Gill

Beauty! Striking as always Carole I love it!

Lovely and vibrant Carole! My fav seems to be the right side of textural ground which is beautiful with certain abstraction to it.

Strong vibrant and the background some is si well managed giving good structure without any Mudd to colours, very difficult to achieve with watercolour.

Wonderful Carole, so vibrant.

Wonderful colors and design!

Hang on Studio Wall

There was such a colourful display of these flowers in my friend’s garden that I I couldn’t resist drawing some sketches and taking some photos, then completing the painting at home. I used watercolour (a difficult medium for me) on hot pressed paper, which I found very tricky as the washes didn’t seem to flow very well. It’s a bit garish and I think it may have been better on other paper.

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