The Curse of Dandelions


Wow, Nice one Carol, love the colors and the explosion of seeds, I love dandelions in the hedgerows but not sure I feel the same about the blighters in my drive.

Love your painting Carole. It’s so bright and full of movement. I’ve got loads in my garden too.

Thank you Robert and Christine for your lovely comments. They are a great nuisance at the moment Robert and Christine.

Wonderful Carole, you have aced it!

Fabulous painting Carole, and a great title! You’ve made the, very attractive which really they are. Perhaps we could just learn to love them?

Many thanks Nanhindi and Tessa for such lovely comments. Much appreciated.

Beautifully done and gorgeous zingy colours Carole.

This is so lovely, amazing work, Carole. I was thinking to try the watercolour painting on canvas so really appreciate that you have shared here how you managed the vibrancy of colours so well.

Thank you so much Susan and Yoko for your support. Make sure you prime your canvas thoroughly with gesso before using watercolour Yoko or the paint will just slide about. You also need to apply quite a few layers of paint to get rich colours. The greatest advantage is that paint lifts of really well, for white areas.

Lovely explosion of colour - very eye-catching, Carole

Bright and cheerful. A splendid painting.

Lovely bright colours, it's such a sunny painting it would brighten up even the dullest of days, 👍😀😀

Lovely Carole such vivid colours

Love this, Carole, such vibrant colours. (We also have an abundance of dandelions this year - they are really difficult to weed out of the cracks in our brick path!)

So beautiful and cheerful Carole. Yes they are abundant!!

Thank you Maureen, Stephen, Linda, Dennis, Jenny & Carole for your encouraging comments and time taken to view my work.

Lovely colourful painting Carole, I love it

I like the colour you use here Carole. If the dandelions were not so beautiful I too would say "damn weeds they grow everywhere" Great work

Stunning, love the warm colours you have used really works.

Hang on Studio Wall

11” X 12” watercolour on canvas. Inspired by my very overgrown lawn with an abundance of Dandelions. I think they are such pretty weeds.

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