Fuelled by emotions - Detroit, Michigan 1967


Great painting of fire but you tell a sad story.

Thanks Heather. Yes, Detroit life was driven by strong emotions.

Posted by Bob Hill on Mon 18 Sep 14:01:13

Thanks Coral.

Posted by Bob Hill on Mon 18 Sep 15:36:53

It is a great painting, that really makes you think - both about the way things were in Detroit at that time and the way things are in other parts of the world now. Thank you for sharing it.

That building is really alight! America has a cruel history!

Thank you for your comments Bobbie and Linda. Detroit has been through some great times and some very tough times.

Posted by Bob Hill on Mon 18 Sep 16:28:49

Certainly is a portrayal of the era, Bob. A sad decline of a once rich and vibrant city.

Hopefully Detroit will experience a rebirth Carol.

Posted by Bob Hill on Mon 18 Sep 17:15:39

Thanks Spencer.👍

Posted by Bob Hill on Mon 18 Sep 19:45:37

Thanks Martin.

Posted by Bob Hill on Tue 19 Sep 08:23:14

A stunning painting Bob!

Thank you Jennifer 👍

Posted by Bob Hill on Tue 19 Sep 13:58:07

A powerful and stunning scene, it provokes thoughts. Beautifully painted and described.

Thank you Ann.👍

Posted by Bob Hill on Wed 20 Sep 08:41:00
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Watercolour sketch in A5 sketchbook. In many ways, Detroit was the centre of the industrialised world during the 20th century. Work in the auto factories was hard, depressing and relentless but at the same time this industry attracted vast numbers of workers from the rural areas of America. Blues singers sang "I'm going to Detroit Michigan...... gonna get me a job on the Cadillac assembly line.." But there were also labour disputes, social tensions and riots.

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