An Afternoon Out With Steve 2

An Afternoon Out With Steve 2

Great work again.

Posted by T H on Mon 21 Aug 10:42:46

Thank you Timothy, still thinking about the oils!!

I can't get too much of this subject.It's a wonderful scene.This is excellent.

As Peter has said, it is a fabulous scene, what would I give to be there now... You have raised the bar yet again Barry with this one, it is truly superb. I'm glad that you left that patch of 'white' between the two boats, essential and draws in the eye beautifully.

Lovely lovely lovely I love it

Thank you Peter, Alan and Dennis, I wish I was there as well Alan and I wonder if Steve might go there this week with his course as he at Dedham Hall and our visit was a bit of a recconnaissance mission.

You and Steve seem to find incredibly interesting places! Another Wonderful piece.

Thank you Skylar, yes we occasionally stumble across lovely locations by chance but more often get good information from local people.

Lovely work Barry, good feeling of light, as Alan has pointed out, the light in the water leads us into the distance.

Thank you Stephen and Margaret, your are correct about the light Stephen, I try to use all the tricks as I need all the help I can get.

Another wonderful watercolourf, Barry.

I've just been comparing the two versions of this scene Barry. Just shows how important it is to reflect on and modify a scene before painting, this is a great improvement.

I agree Stephen but I often find that the light only dawns on me after I have painted my first version. When I teach I preach the need to produce simple sketches to help with the selection of the best composition but admit to not always following my own advice.

Great detail and so real. Lovely picture again Barry

Thank you Carolyn for your comments.

Love this one Barry!

A lovely scene, Barry,

Thank you Karen I took the photo when Steve and I went out while we were on Herman's course and Steve struggled with the painting of the Thames Barge which was moored there. Can't remember the name of the place, I will have to wait until he gets back next week.

Thank you David I appreciate your comments.

Thank you Maureen.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have revisited the subject I painted a few days ago and altered the composition in order to reduce some of the complexity. I also used a slightly warmer palette. Painted on Arches 95llb rough half imperial.

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