I've done a fair few demo's over the years but they don't always turn out great, this one has though, really impressive piece Barry.

Thank you Alan, Steve told me later that he had already painted from the photo but didn't think to give me a glimpse, probably just as well!!!

Very atmospheric Barry. A lovely painting

Thank you very much David.

Yes, You seem to have done "OK"...

Beautiful demo, Barry, great result.

A tremendous result Barry!

Thank Skylar, Cesare and Fiona for your comments.

I'd have been happy to sit there watching this demo.

Ooo yes, this ticks all the boxes for me. Wonderfully moody.

Nice work Barry.Great atmosphere as is customary in your paintings.I really like the way you have simplified the docks in the distance.

Nice work again Barry , simple and effective composition.

Thank you Brian, Rebecca, Peter and Dennis I appreciate your comments.

You are working brilliant Barry

Thank you Dennis you are most kind.

That's a beauty Barry and what a great sky ; placement of the tug with the beautiful orange chimney is excellent ; get that beauty in a frame . You're right when you say it's just as well you didn't see Steves work first as now this is purely your interpretation.

I'd say you did outstandingly well!

Thank you Dermot and Karen.

I think that some of the best paintings are done on the spur of the moment - this turned out really well - very atmospheric.

Thank you Frank, I agree many of my best paintings occurred when there is a spontaneous element.

This worked out very well - fresh, lovely light and interesting

Thank you very much Maureen.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted as a demo whist covering for my friend Steve Hall on one of his teaching courses. Steve called me to say he wasn't well and could I cover his classes for the day. When I got there he said the subject was ports and harbours and this was taken from an old photo. Having no time to think about I just grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it. I had never used an overhead camera system before as well as be fairly inexperienced in teaching and feel I did ok.

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I started painting in 2004, I am influenced by Wesson, Seago and many of the great masters, more recently I enjoy the work of Steve Hall, John Hoar and Alvaro Castignet to name but a few. I paint in a loose style and try to simplify as I can. The medium I enjoy most is watercolour but dabble with…

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