Memories of Pin Mill


Definitely captures a great sense of place and very nicely painted indeed

Worked out very well Barry.

Those who want accuracy should go there with their camera and photograph it themselves. Capturing the essence of a place is always going to be better than replicating every brick, mast, rope, or plank.

Painted with such enthusiasm and beauty array.

Sorry should be ‘Barry’.

We all see things differently Barry it's what art is all about. And you have captured the essence of your painting beautifully.

It’s a beautiful place and you have captured it’s beauty and the feel of the place . If it’s absolutely accuracy that’s you want a photo is the answer, for me I would settle for this every time.

Absolutely superb!!

Totally in agreement with Robert Jones. Art is the artist's version of what he sees or, as he says, you may a well use a camera. This is lovely Barry.

Superb painting with lovely composition and luminous washes. Lovely work, Barry.

Wonderful, Barry!

That's a good one Barry. The whites and water reflections liven it up.

Thank you for the lovely comments.

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Following a recent visit to Pin Mill I used several photos to come up with my final design and played around with a few elements which means it’s not totally accurate. It’s based on my interpretation of the scene on a dull day which I have livened up and hopefully it captures the essence of the place.

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