Superb drawing skills and detail.

Such a tremendous amount of detail and hard work involved Bari. I admire your tenacity and skill.

A great sketch!!

Super drawing with great attention to detail

Fabulous detail, you must have lots of patience!

Top notch, Bari. Magnificent though the Cathedrals are, it's the clusters of ancient houses and shops near them that grab my attention. (As they have you.)

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback, I'm with you Lewis hate to see the old shop fronts covered in plastic, so called modernised,

Excellent work Bari the detailing is superb, you have certainly done the bricklayers proud showing off their work .

Yes super drawing skills Bari. I do like really well drawn buildings.

You stood about 3'- 0'' to the left, Bari.

Great drawing Bari.

Excellent work Bari, this area has a wonderful sense of history, which you have caught despite the modern era.

Super drawing, Bari!

Excellent work Bari, your patience is amazing.

Great drawing. Like the way you've restrained from giving too much detail to the cathedral. That looks hard work in itself, with all the dots!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and ink ..rotring art pens EF AND 1.1 nibs plus CUTTLELOLA dot pen...

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