Vim tin


Super and so interesting!

I really like this - it has a real atmosphere, almost "after Lowry".

Nice and humerus Bari, is the vim tin, like the OMO soap box, the OMO box when placed in the window (so I am told, as I am to young to know these things) stood for Old Man Out.

Got it in one Alan, as kids we could never understand why our mother's called him vim tin.

Full of social history. Excellent.

Love this Bari,

Loved it. Very unusual, beautifully detailed and informative. Learnt a lot from Alan's comment.

Not heard of that one Bari, love the nostalgia though.

Hang on Studio Wall

80x40cm pen and ink with gouache on stretched canvas....the story is when we were kids there was a man called vim tin ...years later I found out the house next but one when the vim tin was on the window the coast was clear.

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