The factory 2


A really excellent drawing, Bari!

This is so cool!

Oh that's a gorgeous ink, if you can get it/make it. And this a fantastic drawing: it's got everything, scale, impact, detail, skilful pen work.

Superb draing Bari and so interesting.

should say 'drawing'...sorry

Excellent sketch

The ink is from the 'Florence iron mines the last iron mine in England, the mine is in Egremont Cumbria and has closed, the mine buildings have been turned into an art centre and they produce ink, watercolour and oil paint from the iron oxide from the mine.

Excellent drawing and beautifully done.

Great example of all the pen & ink techniques Bari. Lots of patience and good to have a visual record of these old places.

Hang on Studio Wall
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20x30cm pen and ink made from iron oxide.

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