Nice painting Seth, good perspective.

Love it Seth, unfortunately you've left out the seedy bits.

I like this, especially the road winding off, good composition ....perhaps a few more people......women even!!

These aren't easy scenes to draw, nice work Seth.

Thanks, Linda for your kind comment. Seedy! I really don't know what you mean Lewis. 😀 Thanks . I'm hopeless at figures , Anne. The two in the foreground are meant to be women. Thanks for your kind comment.

Great painting Seth, i like the use of the road to lead the viewer into the picture.

Nice painting Seth. Been practicing my people this week.. they are tricky to master but you've done a good job here.

Nice work here Seth.... Are you working from a photo?? because I would like to help a little if you are?

Thanks, Alan, Carolyn and Rachel for your kind comments. Yes, Guy, I often use photos as reference.

Hi Seth... It is hard to see the tonal difference when you use a photo. I think you could attempt a pic. out on the street (when the weather is a little kinder) and focus on the tone in your scene... I am sure you will see a big change. i think what you do is charming and has a lot of appeal.. but depends what YOU want?

Thanks Guy, I really appreciate your helpful comments.

Good perspective, Seth.

Super stuff again, Seth! So much detail here yet still fresh

Now then Seth what are you doing in SoHo? Joking aside it looks great.

Thanks, Ellen, and Thalia. Purely research , Margaret. purely research. Thanks.

Hang on Studio Wall

by Seth Dalton

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