"Devastation in the Eyrie"


An arresting painting and having read your explanation very poignant too. Hope your loss and grief is more manageable, creativity is a very healing process.

A very interesting piece, quite moving.

Created from the never ending well of your wonderful imagination coupled with your life experiences and poetic take on things!

Thank you Heather, I painted upon thin baking paper which helped with forming the impasto markings on wings and remember how I needed to add some paste for the beak as it was sculptured into a form with sharp edges! Yes, painting did suffice during a period of managing painful and stressful experiences during a time which was hard. However, its much better these days, thanks to Art therapy!

Thank you Katy, The story I wrote describing the event where the Eagle's Eyrie was torn away due to an electrical storm represented a state of devastation. The eggs were transformed into a golden cluster which were discovered by the fisherman. The golden eagles were able to build another eyrie and settled in another crevasse upon the Blue mountain which was sheltered and so its all about transformation. I did draw many illustrations for this book and converted it into a concertina book as attended a Artist book activity which I found fascinating. Still have this painting in an Art folder and it has retained its colours well, think I primed it with varnish though!

Thank you Diane, Life can present us with all kinds of unexpected events and during the time I painted this Abstract think I was slowly trying to come to terms with loss and grief, however I did return to England as to pay my respects when my father was taken seriously ill. He always encouraged us to express our innermost thoughts by writing or drawing. On the plane when I returned to Australia I felt I was being buffeted on the wings of an Eagle so started writing this story when I settled home again, although it was a time our family had some rather dramatic epics! Or youngest daughter was only five years old and positively she remarked one day "why don't you draw an Eagle like daddy is flying high in the sky too"! So while he was away temporarily on business in France I started drawing Eagles and knew somehow it would take me into a Blue mountain..... I can smile now as when he arrived back he gazed at the wall with all those drawings and puffed his pipe like the fisherman who found the golden eggs! He became my inspiration so often when expressing my stories even though the Eyrie was disturbed, he said 'never look back, fly high like the eagles and with watchful eye!" Bless him!

Wonderful textures and colour Angela, a sad story.

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This is an Abstract I painted of the Eagle's Eyrie when the wild winds had blown its nest and eggs over the mountain in an electrical storm. I painted this when in shock too and it expresses a feeling of devastation due to loss and grief of a loved one, it stood me well though as I was able to use the illustration in a children's book teaching about losing something precious and sentimental..... fortunately a fisherman discovered the golden eggs on the shore.

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