"Keep left"

"Keep left"

Beautiful portrait, André. you have achieved great skill in portraits and figures.

Spot on Andre. A great portrait.

Yes you have caught his likeness very well. At least he has created some interest in politics, not afraid to challenge the middle ground.

Dat's my boy! A touching portrait of a man in the midst of a firestorm but still surviving; even if you detested him you'd surely have to empathize and this portrait is a sensitive account.

Great portrait of the troubled man.

I don't dislike him but if labour are to get back in he's gotta go . Beautifully painted Andre great likeness of him.

In the artistic mode, that's not far off him but I reckon you've given him a much wider face. Good piece of work however. On a political note, keep him out, May the best woman win - if and when.

Excellent portrait!

Thanks everyone for thoses kind comments, taken from a screen shot at the party conference. You're right Derek , I had four attempts at the sketch, each one was slightly out of sync, this I plumbed for , but the likeness was missing something, and I think the width of his face could be the problem, although on the graph its seems ok. On a political note..I will defer. Thanks for those comments again. I've another to post ,I'm currently doing, don't think you'll like this guy either Derek.

Great likeness and atitude, sorry have to brexit now!

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12x10. Oil on board.

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