My take on a Seago.

My take on a Seago.

light and space all captured beautifully Andre Seago would have been pleased

This is superb, Andre, its full of coastal freshness. Wonderful sky & love the pallet.

Super work Andre, I especially like the sky.

Thanks for the comments. I enjoyed having a go at this, as a lot of Seago's oils are about the sky, clouds and atmosphere. His work is exceptional,makes it look easy, but it's not. Will attempt a few more, perhaps with a looser feel to them if I can. Again thanks for your kind comments.

Very good Andre. You have the light incredibly.

Full of sea breezes and light, love the expressive brushstrokes, the whole thing fresh and lively.

Yes Andre very nice painting as you say Seago makes it look simple its not though. Yes I think a bit looser would be even better. Look forward to your next one.

I really like your application of paint. Lovely light.

I think that you've definitely pulled this off as a Seago Andre. If anything, maybe the blue could be a little more intense?

Must look up his original - if there is one on the basis you worked from one. You worked very good with it and nice to see you back.

Seago is one of my favourite artists Andre and this is a wonderful rendition of his style.....hope you will do more, it's excellent.

Lovely work, Andre. Beautiful palette and while it's a very good take on Seago, you've made it your own with your inimitable style.

Hang on Studio Wall

20x16 oil on board. An attempt at a seago painting.

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