'They're out'

'They're out'

A splendid piece, Andre. The excellent shapes created by the jar, the flowers and the shadow really give this piece much dynamism and impact.

Yes, Andre, beautifully shaped petals and lovely work on the vase colour and reflections.

Andre good use of complementary colour makes the daffodils really stand out David Harrison

Yes Andre you have a great sense of negative spaces lovely

Lovely harmonious colours, Andre. Very pleasing painting.

Lucky you Andre, my daffs are only just coming through. The palette is perfect and great shapes.

You got there first Andre! No daffs out here yet. A very confident little painting whereas I've been messing about all afternoon and it's still not finished.

Your way ahead of us, our daffodils are green shoots only. Lovely blue

I've got quite a few out and there is whole row of them in hedges on the approach to our village. Spring's a comin. This is a lovely study Andre.

Thanks for your comments, it seems those of you further north will be waiting a few more days for these beautiful spring welcomes to appear. All around Wales these are found in multitudes alongside roads , hedgerows etc. it is the national flower of Wales after all.

Great idea yellow against the blue vase works a treat well done Andre.

I really like the simplicity of the painting Andre, and the colour and textural quality of the daffodils is super.

Love the blue and the yellow flowers, gorgeous Andre.

A bit premature on that statement Andre, but aren't they just so great to see. So well painted also, love the blue jar also.

Not a floral lover but as it's one of your Andre just had to look and so glad I have. Lovely piece.

Such an uplifting painting after all the rain we've been having, a joy to look at.

Uncomplicated and beautiful!

I love your still lives Andre. Great colours on this painting and a lovely textural surface. :)

Hang on Studio Wall

12x8 acrylic. The first daffodils picked this morning. Springs a coming.

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