February challenge

February challenge

Such an original idea, Linda. It certainly fits the challenge (in my opinion).

Interesting Linda, whether it fits the bill I don't know as nobody really seems to get it!

Whatever the vagaries of the challenge, you've made an interesting image. I had to look up juxtaposition (as applicable to art), and found a mass of paintings that made it no clearer at all...people seem to do whatever they want, and, provided they make it slightly offbeat, they call it 'juxtaposition'. None of this matters, of course...you've made a great image.

It’s a great idea whatever. Fab. X

“Tyger, Tyger burning bright, in the forests of the night........” what a super image, Linda.

Knew this reminded me of something, Magritte’s Le Blanc Seing. I looked him up at the start of this challenge, no idea if this is juxtaposition or not, but it’s good Linda! Very original.

Thank you all for taking the time to comment, I agree Lewis , anything seems to pass as long as its a bit different. Even Salvador Dali came up in the same category. Tessa, i've looked that painting up, that's absolutely brilliant, I certainly think that's juxtaposition.

Another "outside the box" posting. Full marks Linda.

'Two things placed together with contrasting effects'..I looked that up! This one fits the bill I think.. just recently I seem to have said 'I think' rather a lot :) It's a really good idea Linda. Full marks from me as well!

Fun to look at,and to produce is what matters.

Juxtaposition has defeated me completely but this looks good, Linda :)

Excellent rendition of the challenge Linda, it has been fun!

It’s totally different and very appealing Linda

Well it’s a fun drawing which is interesting so who cares if it fits into the juxtaposition slot.

Great comments from all of you so thanks very much, will have to look that one up Marjorie, 😀

An intriguing piece that holds the viewer's attention and causes one to pause and ponder.

i have to agree with Mia! Brilliant idea!

Hang on Studio Wall

Been racking my brains to come up with something totally different, hope this fits the challenge,

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