Laura 2

Laura 2

Looking at again no the eyes are definitely better here in the colored version 😀

I think you have done a great job with the colour version as well. Well done.

I love both portraits , pencil and pastel, the eyes are even more stunning, coloured, Linda.

The drawing is great and so is this one, skilfully done Linda.

That’s fabulous work Linda

Gracious this is wonderful Linda.

Thank you Tony, Annick, Willie, Maureen and Dermot for looking at both versions and commenting on them.

Both versions are equally lovely.

Thank you Fiona, Marjorie and Gudrun, your comments are really appreciated and thanks for looking at both versions 😀

Lovely, soft drawing. Nice focus on the eyes.

Posted on Wed 14 Mar 18:47:29

I love both versions, Linda. They simply are fabulous. Great work on the eyes in both of them. Stunning!

She's just lovely Linda.

Super Linda, your talent shines through. Just wish the photo had been better.

This is a beautiful work. Sensitive colouring. I admire both versions. If forced to choose, I'd go for the pencil version (by a very small margin). But that's simply because I'm a big fan of pencil art. Wonderful work, as always, Linda.

I really like the composition. This is fabulous.

Both were brilliant Linda, wonderful.

Very nicely done Linda, it's a beautiful piece.

Thank you Ibolya and Mia for such lovely comments, thank you Sandra and John, I should have added the photo in there as well so you could compare, will do that next time, thank you Lewis, I thought I liked the sketch better but the more I look at it I'm leaning more towards the coloured version, the pencil sketch makes her look a lot younger than the coloured version, she's 26 this weekend, and thank you Dennis, Carolyn and Alan for your much appreciated comments 😀

Thank you Russell, looking through your gallery, which is quite stunning, I will take that as a huge compliment, 😀

I love the soft colours and even though you can’t see her mouth you can tell from the eyes that she is smiling.

Thank you Janet, I'm happy with the way it turned out, I was thinking about painting in watercolour but she has such a fair complexion I didn't want any harsh lines developing so I'm glad I chose the pastel, I was just a bit unsure about choice of colours for the face, but I'm happy with the outcome 😀

This is fabulous, Linda.

Thank you Ellen 😃

This looks wonderful in colour Linda, I loved your pencil sketch but this is fabulous!

I really like the soft effect of this portrait..and the pose

Hang on Studio Wall

Well here's my coloured version, think the eyes were better on my pencil sketch. Pastel pencils and a little bit of black pen.

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