A corn snake called Kellogg

A corn snake called Kellogg

Lovely drawing, Linda, I'm getting a sense of movement as well. You haven't defined the background, a plus, I'm reading it as the snake's body. Smashing. 'Kellog??' Love the name.

Well done Linda. Pity you used a photograph and didn't use the live model!!! Wish they hadn't called it Kellogg, it has quite put me off my Corn Flakes .

Thanks Lewis, the background was misted out in the photo, my daughter does brilliant photography and this is how it looked and thank you Tony, it's a brilliant name isn't it, you'll have to change to shredded wheat lol.

Lovely drawing

Wonderful name. Superb painting too. The eye is wonderful. I really feel uncomfortable around snakes but spiders I love.

Fabulous painting Linda.. Will never look at my cornflakes in the same way again.

Do you get one free in every box Linda?! Lol. Love the name and a super little painting.

Very good Linda, and love the eye. Was it a wise choice painting from a photograph - my knowledge of good and naughty snakes is limited !!

This is super Linda, love the name!

Great work and tones on the skin....super piece of work.

A super piece and great colouring Linda. Always wanted a snake, closest I got was a slow worm.

Beautifully done, Linda, love the soft colours and that eye.

Snake eyes give me the creeps. Really good catch and painting. Love the menacing mood. Brian

Thank you all so much for all your jokey comments, i'm not a great fan of snakes but this was something different to paint and the colours were fantastic to do with the oil pastels. my daughter produces some amazing photos.

This is fabulous Linda, what a great and interesting subject to paint! I wonder what made them call it 'Kellogg'!! perhaps he likes corn flakes!

Thank you Margaret, I wanted to paint something different and I got my daughter to send me some of her more unusual photo's to me. Its probably called Kellogg because its a Corn Snake.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my granddaughter's friends pet snake called Kellogg, it's a corn snake photographed by my daughter Jane, painted in oil pastel and pastel pencils a touch of white gouache on the eye with black ink.

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