The Juggler

The Juggler

I really like the strong, almost hypnotic effect of this composition. It has a contemporary and timeless feel to it. Great work Alan.

All your paintings are really marvellous, I love the detail you put into them which is the type of work I like best.

Hang on Studio Wall

I found a series of circus themed photos on a photo site of commission free pictures, and i loved them so much I had to paint some of them. I've tried to trace the photographer to acknowledge them but so far have failed to find out who they are. the pics are found in multiple places on the web and i think they are an advert for a circus. I just loved the colours and these paintings hang on my wall where i see them everyday.

About the Artist
Alan Davis

I'm an artist living in Co Durham, I prefer painting in oil, mainly for the vibrant colours and how the oil can be manipulated. I love doing landscapes but have done numerous portraits.

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