Parcent towards Montgo – Plein air oil sketch.

Parcent towards Montgo – Plein air oil sketch.

I get a real sense of the place Alan, with the stillness and the colours used. It does feel like early morning, before the heat of the day. Here today, it's going to be positively balmy up north - 13 C! But it's sunny and no wind so a walk on the beach first, being very careful not to come a cropper this time! ( hand is actually broken)

It certainly has that early morning feel and I like the range of colours you used.

Beautifully done Alan, fascinating to see your handling of the Mediterranean heat and light,especially as I’m just reading “Painting Shade and Light” by Paul Millichip, about the difference in light etc in the UK and on his travels abroad, a very good book. Marjorie, hope it’s not your painting hand?

Another good one Alan.

This has a romantic, medieval feel to it Alan. Love those rich reds, siennas and warm umbers. Wish I was there, although we are lucky enough to see sunshine in the UK today. The buildings are beautifully rendered, something I really struggle with.

You can feel the heat Alan a beauty

That another great scene Alan painted so well, I can feel the heat, lovely colour choices.

Nothing better than working outdoors Alan a lovely composition which is well painted. I don’t see any ragged edges but expect you are a bit like me where the bits that didn’t come out as you wanted stand out like a sore thumb, but of course nobody else sees them.

Gorgeous colours, really gives you a sense of being there 😀

Your sketches are too good to be called mere sketches Alan and are always a joy to look at. The colours and the dark shadows make this one rather special.

I echo everyone's comments Alan, superb painting.

Another super piece Alan, when is a sketch a sketch and a painting a painting?

Thanks everyone for your super comments. Stephen, a good question! Generally something knocked out fairly quickly such as this, with little or no finesse I tend to consider to be a sketch.

If this is a sketch, then keep sketching, Alan. *lol* I fully support all the other comments. I found myself nodding along with each review as I looked from one to the other. Beautiful palette, btw. Bri

Beautifully painted Alan.

Perfect representation of Mediterranean sunlight Alan, lights up the buildings beautifully. Love the touches of blues/greys here and there.

Wonderful old buildings, great colours.

Hang on Studio Wall

I’ve worked a bit larger than I generally do outdoors, as I had access to a bigger easel. This is 20 x 20in on MDF, and a better size for my style of work, particularly with a complicated scene like this! These quirky old buildings are so delightful to paint, with their ochres and burnt sienna’s, and the early morning shadows really help. I have photographs at various stages throughout, courtesy of an artist friend who joined me, so it may make an interesting WIP feature for the e-newsletter at a later date. I started by drawing in the main outlines using a loaded brush, and then just went for it in my ‘gung-ho’ manner. It’s a bit ragged around the edges, but that’s on-the-spot painting for you!

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