Autumn in Loftus - North Yorkshire

Autumn in Loftus - North Yorkshire

Love it Adele you have superb range with quality

Tones, marks and colours are great Adele and the sweeping marks in the foreground make me feel I'm speeding through your village. I would have liked to stop and have a look 'round 'cause it looks so nice. Perhaps I'm travelling north and I've just remembered I've left the gas on. Soon be in Durham at this speed.

Good use of colour here Adele, that Autumn tree is very eye catching.

Beautiful Autumn tree Adele with such lovely colours.

Thanks everyone for your comments. Not sure the speeding marks were intentional Michael but if you've left the gas on you best get home quickly!

Subject matter really superb Adele, love that tree and dark shadow across the road.

Thank you Alan.

That tree is magnificent Adele

Thank you Lynne.

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This lane leads from my cottage at one end to the North Sea and the Cleveland Hills at the other end. This was one of my early local paintings.

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When I was a young girl my parents had a large mirror which had an etching of a "crinoline lady" on. I would spend hours copying this. In the 1960's when I was at Secondary school, I was told to give up painting and drawing as I was useless and would never be any good. Following these words of…

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