St. Mawes Castle - PASTEL!!

St. Mawes Castle - PASTEL!!

Nice roominess Adele. Especially the front wall comes very near to the Viewer.

Posted by Holger . on Fri 08 Jul 21:30:27

Looks lovely.....a bit like a watercolour!

Lovely work Adele - pardon my lack of knowledge but what sort of pastels did you use?

Looks pretty good to me, Adele. The tonal work is very well done and there's a lovely atmosphere that you've captured.

It's fine Adele just do it any way when you do it next time and that will be ok as well . It's just fun really .

Wonderful love the light and textures

No-one thinks exhibiting old masters that are a one or two hundred years old is cheating. By those standards you did this yesterday.

There are many different ways to paint with pastels Dele, I think this suits the subject.

Wonderful Adele love the blending, the drawing is great too. Good palette, I find the colours daunting.

You're pulling our legs about your pastel abilities This is a smashing piece, good solid building and some very nice shading.

I agree with the other comments, Adele, this is beautiful.

Laboriously blended - I know the feeling. Great work Adele.

Thanks for all the great comments - actually I'm really not pulling your leg(s) about my abilities. My strength is my blending abilities and as long as I have a medium that blends well, i.e. oils, soft pastels, open acrylics, I am ok. But doing a picture where I cannot blend is very hard for me. Donna - I used Ashby Soft Pastels and if I remember correctly, they were from SAA - Society For All Artists. I also have some pastel pencils.

Very nice Adel a lovely pastel

You have blended this beautifully Adele, not that I know anything about pastels but I know a good painting when see one. Lovely.

This good piece reminds me to add my pastels to my gear for next week

I know the building and you've done a great job of the texture I like it best when the sky is like that! Diana

Thank you David, Margaret, Derek and Diana. Have a great time next week Derek.

Missed this one Adele. You always get a solid structure in you buildings. A pastel, great!

Thanks John. Doing another pastel today, but might end up more blended again.

Hang on Studio Wall

Okay, so I'm cheating a bit - this was done one or two years ago and copied from a book on castles. As you can see it was laboriously blended. But I promise I will try a fresh pastel in the next week and this will be without too much blending. I shall try and follow John's style (says I laughing)

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