Good effort and great daring... if you have her photo you can work on her eyes a bit otherwise you almost made it...

Thanks Manashree Yes I am tempted to have another go.

Nothing wrong with this adele

Very nice Adele, love it.

Thanks Paul and Anthony. I wish I could have done her justice but I may try again.

Adele, If I was not so busy I would have a go from a photo you may have. It would be a good serious challenge for someone.

This is lovely. The face is very expressive, and im glad you felt able to share it.

Thank you John and Joanne. Know what you mean about busy John. I have so many ideas in my head and other things that need doing. Not to mention making 16 frames for my paintings - and that number is going up all the time as I get diverted by doing more paintings.

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I hesitated to put this painting on as it is very basic compared to the expertise of the other animal artists on this website. But the animals I painted at the start of my art experience deserve to be on my gallery. Syrup - so named because she was quite golden and sweet was bought from Battersea Dogs Home at approx. 1 year old. She became more attached to me than the rest of the family, maybe because she knew I needed her desperately. Locked into the dark recesses of my mind, she would sit for hours on my lap. When I was feeling particularly poorly she would put her head on my lap and gaze into my eyes with her big beautiful dark ones. I had to take her out so I was forced to move myself. She thought she was a cat and mothered the local cats, much to their disgust, and she didn't like dogs! Such a sweet-natured girl, I still miss her after 12 years.

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When I was a young girl my parents had a large mirror which had an etching of a "crinoline lady" on. I would spend hours copying this. In the 1960's when I was at Secondary school, I was told to give up painting and drawing as I was useless and would never be any good. Following these words of…

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