Bridge Over Troubled Water - Pastel and Acrylic Ink.

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Pastel and Acrylic Ink.

I think it's a great job Adele. You have the reflections spot on and the bright blue is vivid. Well done.

Pastel and ink a new one to me Adele. You have made a good piece of it. The foreground tree gives the painting a beautiful depth.

Open a bottle and put your feet up Adele!! So many challenges and what a result: great drawing and wonderful reflections....well done!

Adele this is beautiful - those reflections are amazing. I agree with Fiona put your feet up and chill with a glass or two, you deserve it !

Thanks Michael, John, Fiona, Gudrun and Donna. John, Alan Bickley did a pastel and ink painting the other day and I wanted to try it.

I think you've done a stunning job on this Adele. Stick with the pastels it's worked really well, I get filthy too! I prefer the finer grained Pastelmat paper but I've tried everything.

I think you've done a great job Adele. It's a lovely composition too. Well done.

Love this Adele, great perspective and reflections.

This really caught my eye, Adele: great composition and very strong colour contrast. Good reflections in the water too, well done!

This is lovely, Adele. The colours are so fresh, and I love the reflection in the water. It looks like we've both been out of our comfort zones lately. But does'nt it make yu feel good?

Job well done Adele, lovely reflections

Thank you very much for those lovely comments Gary, Henry, Carol, Mia, Ellen and Pat. I shall certainly try some Pastelmat Gary and see how I get on with it. Yes, Ellen, I did feel a sense of achievement once I had scraped the pastel dust off my person! 3 years ago, I was only using oils and said that I would never use anything else - that's one of the good reasons for being on this site as we all seem to encourage each other, as you have also found.

Apart from the middle arch not appearing to emerge from the tower structure at the right angle at water level, this is a very good depiction and use of the medium and ground. Don't scrap it.

Oh wow Adele, you have done a really good job here, I don't know anything about pastels only enough to know this is good. Well done.

Thank you Derek and Margaret. I hadn't noticed that Derek. No, definitely will not scrap it.

Thank you Brian.

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Well everyone, I am deeply traumatised. I have spent the day completely out of my comfort zone. Working in pastel and ink on A4 size Mi-tiennes paper with a coloured ground - UNHEARD OF!! The ground distracted me slightly and the pastels went all over the place. I was tempted to change to pastel pencils but that would have made me work to tight, so I stuck it out. I am now filthy and quitting while I can.

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