Hawes - Yorkshire

Hawes - Yorkshire

Ideal yet challenging subject nicely handled. Main concern is why is the second structure from the right have distinctly smaller windows, I realise it could be a big manor or tide mill, but it seems wrong.

My son lives in Shipley Adele and we go to Hawes from time to time. You've got the colours just right.

Thank you Derek, Manashree and Marjorie. Hmm Derek, you have a point. Don't remember if it was Adele's great sense of perspective - ha ha or they were indeed like that. The photo is in one of my albums and not on the computer so over the next couple of days I will try and find it and have a look-see.

A figure looking over the bridge Adele would make a good focal point.

Looking at it now John, I would agree. Nowadays I tend to put a figure or two in mainly to give an idea of the size of structure. In those days I just copied what I saw and didn't give much thought to adding anything different.

Lovely painting of a beautiful scene. Still getting used to navigating this site and thanks for your comments on my work.

Thanks Brian. If I can navigate this site, anyone can. Am not very technical!!

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When I first started painting we had a day out at Hawes and this waterfall caught my attention.

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