Doorway to the old Chapel

Doorway to the old Chapel

Congratulations Lucy! I’m not surprised you won, it’s a lovely representation of all the elements you’ve spoken about.

Ah no wonder it won, and the sisters loved it...I can see why! It's beautiful, Lucy

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Doorway to the old Chapel This is the doorway to the old chapel at Minster abbey. I added Saint Mildred to one side and some flowers to represent the gardens around the abbey. This picture was painted in just four and a half hours, during a painting challenge , art contest at Minster abbey. Guess what! I won first prize. The sisters saying they loved it, and that it had a very spiritual meaning to them. This painting now belongs to the sisters, and I am told it will have a special place in the abbey.

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lucy dray

About the Artist Hi my name is Lucy. When I was just a child, I went into a library to shelter from the cold, and started to look through art books. I came across a book on Dali and was captured by his images. They were the most grotesque colourful and imaginative paintings I had ever seen.…

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