In my dreams I fly

In my dreams I fly

Love the sky, Lucy. You have very distinctive style. What medium did you use?

I feel like this most of the time, i love it :)

thank you to everyone for your kind comments, In answer to Seth, This was painted in Acrylic.

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In my dreams I fly Acrylic painting, Insperation for this painting, I have a freequent dream about flying, I glide through the sky and feel free. But always plumet to the ground without warning. The bright colours of the sky represent pleasure, The dark colours of the ground represent the end.

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lucy dray

About the Artist Hi my name is Lucy. When I was just a child, I went into a library to shelter from the cold, and started to look through art books. I came across a book on Dali and was captured by his images. They were the most grotesque colourful and imaginative paintings I had ever seen.…

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