lucy dray


About the Artist Hi my name is Lucy. When I was just a child, I went into a library to shelter from the cold, and started to look through art books. I came across a book on Dali and was captured by his images. They were the most grotesque colourful and imaginative paintings I had ever seen. “The Burning Giraffe” left a life long impression upon me. I have always had a suppressed desire to paint, but due to home and work commitments, I only produced a dozen or so pictures in 45 years. Then health problems forced me to leave my job in clothing production. EUREKA! I discovered “Ageless Thanet” and artist Brian, who’s help and kind words of encouragement set me back on the creative path. My Paintings. I love dramatic shapes and colours. My influences include, space, nature, Dali, and dreams. I love to walk and try to capture some of my favourite places in my paintings, so that I can look at them at any time and be transported back to those lovely days. I am fascinated by the colours and shapes in space and my abstracts are mostly based on my dreams. Previous Exhibitions I have had paintings in exhibitions at “Lovelys” in Clifftoville, “King Street Gallery” in Margate, and at “Quex” in Birchington. I am the winner of the 2018 Painting challenge at Minster Abbey, and that winning painting now belongs to the sisters at the Abbey. I now make time to paint, It takes me on a journey that makes me feel happy and free, and I hope you will enjoy my images to. L.H.Dray. (4 Dray) P.S. You may wonder why I sign my paintings 4 Dray this is partly my weird sense of humour, because it sounds like Forgery, but more practically it is because there is another artist out there called Lucy Dray, and I’m trying not to be mistaken for her, as we have the same name.