October Challenge

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Hope the schooldays theme didn't bring back too many bad memories! For this month the challenge is a simple one - paint something on the autumnal theme of harvest and let's recognise all the good things in nature surrounding us during these difficult times.
Harvest was last weeks topic in my art group.
That’s lovely Linda, quick of the mark! This will be easier than September’s challenge.
This sums it all up Linda, a great painting, with fantastic detail 👍🍅🥒🌶️🥗
Lovely painting, the harvest sounds like an interesting topic to paint, I might have a try.
I had a go already, this evening. I've never done any fruit. I started at 19.30 and finished at midnight. I don't know if you can tell, they are grapes. When I looked at them. I thought, they could be gooseberries or sprouts. I know the leaves are wrong but I couldn't remember what they looked like and I didn't have a bunch in front of me. Without this challenge, fruit is not something I would have tried to paint. I really enjoyed it. It gives me a whole month to improve. All criticism welcome because that will help me learn and move forward because I try and teach myself. Thanks.
Two good paintings already. Love the tomsLinda,  that’s a really good attempt at the grapes Denise. I started this a few weeks ago as a fill in for when I did not want to do a full painting finished it this morning. Autumn hedgerow fruits A3 watercolour.

by Paul (Dixie) Dean

Paul, I’m glad you recognised them as grapes. Your painting is very delicate and looks lovely in watercolour. Denise.
Here’s my contribution, an abstract of farmer’s fields of Hay Stacks. I know they’re rolled into black plastic now, but I used artistic license 😁 
Definitely grapes Denise, well done! I’m not too sure what the leaves look like either, I tend to look it up or google, but nothing wrong with artistic licence in my book! Lovely hedgerow fruits Paul, you’ve inspired me to take some photos this morning on my doggy walk for a future painting. Lovely autumn colours, Ellen, I so admire abstract. Mine is a watercolour of some tomatoes and apples picked from the garden plus an onions and a carrot from the veg drawer, painted at my art group this morning.
"Signs of Autumn" was my art group's topic last week ( all online ). Hubby's tomatoes spread out to ripen. Painted in acrylic on top of newspaper glued on to mdf.
Forgot to mention that my area ( Northumberland) is in lockdown so we can't meet anyone!
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