New month and a new area for our monthly challenges! June Challenge.

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Hang on Studio Wall
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Totally agree with Dixie! I am one of the participants and I am finding my sketching and drawing are definitely improving!
I wasn’t going to do another for this challenge, but came across an old painting which I’d gessoed over, sanded, then added washes of acrylic ink.  Thought I might be able to do something with it - added the trees, collage, and more colour with my Neocolour II wax pastels.  A bit of an experiment, this one!
Jenny, absolutely love this creation! Fantastic impact and originality.
‘Through the window’......Using cut up old paintings glued onto another one that was destined for the bin, and some white gesso. Now I think it’s definitely destined for the bin 🗑 Please excuse the wavy lines.

by Ellen Mooney

A window on a window and shrubbery of an untamed garden, I like the concept and format Ellen. A clever idea, what’s next?
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