New month and a new area for our monthly challenges! June Challenge.

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Hang on Studio Wall
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Terrific Jenny! You see what I mean about your stylish work.....smashing. I particularly like the incorporation of the badger Lino cut.
A second attempt at recycling old work...... black Quink ink, magazine cuttings and conte crayon. Another Quink ink experiment, was a landscape but when I turned it around it had the look of figures. It morphed from that idea and hopefully has a dialogue.
As time goes by I have recycled some of my older paintings and put new ones on top - like many people. There is one artwork I did that has a sort of recycling as content. It is the Mayan Corn God in a convertible car that has the 'innards' taken from the other famous ancient carving - the 'Spaceship God' Pak-Al.
Good one Stevie, there are no limitations as to what can be used and achieved. I might be enjoying this challenge far too much.....I have plenty of scrap material to work with! Here’s another, two landscapes torn up and put together, a few cut outs and conte crayon.
Another go at this challenge. Have used bits of old work collaged together.  It was going to be much bigger but looked better cropped.  On reflection, all the complementary colours are probably a bit OTT, but the weather’s so miserable at the moment, felt like doing something a bit more colourful! Like your imaginative piece, Stevie - and Fiona, commented on yours on the gallery.

by Jenny Harris

The shapes and colours work great together Jenny’s a riot! I was thinking of a still life for my next attempt, I’ll post if it works out.......well, even if it doesn’t.
I used an old wine bottle to make a recycled bottle art filled with all sorts of fun pandas. 
What a great idea Tanusree, do you use a special paint for glass or acrylics? The subjects could be endless. I’ve attempted a collage still life using bits from my rubbish paintings pile, magazine cuttings, tin foil ......that was recently wrapped around a lemon drizzle cake.....pastel and brown paper. It took me ages to weave the strips of brown paper for the basket effect.
Some great ideas, all totally different - like the bottle theme, and your abstract still life Fiona is really eye-catching!  I’ve also done another still life, may make it my last, running out of suitable old paintings to cut up.  Made the colours a bit softer this time, the last was a bit garish.

by Jenny Harris

A cracker Jenny, I’ve just commented on the gallery. I’ll probably have another go at some point, I’ve enjoyed the change and to try something I haven’t done before. Unlike yourself, I still have lots on my rubbish pile that I can sift through for the next
Incredibly beautiful pictures. Unfortunately, I really want to learn how to draw as delightfully as you. but unfortunately, I do not really succeed. In grademiners widely written about the possibilities of drawing in the absence of skill

by Maghy Hampter

been able to draw well is a matter of practice, I do agree that some people find it easier to learn. A good way is to join the daily sketches and you will soon notice an improvement, all those ho took part have said how their skill developed.

by Paul (Dixie) Dean

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