Minutes after the Death - COVID 19 pandemic

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Minutes after the Death - COVID 19 pandemic

I have related how one of my paintings seem to illustrate the shocking death toll during this current pandemic, which somehow doesn’t seem as shocking now!

During the start of the year 2020, the Covid-19 news hit us all like a shock wave. The numbers of death were rising drastically each day, and there seemed to be no end to the spread. It seemed like a tiny organism had come to take revenge just from humans. There are doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, ambulance staff and many others such heroic workforce, who have worked tirelessly to help limit the spread of this deadly disease and have done all they could to help relieve the symptoms of those affected patients who came into hospital as a result of serious complications. The death rate still rose, and kept rising. There came a point in this year, where deaths due to coronavirus almost felt like normal. It felt like a news item that daily comes on in all the news channels. The numbers of deaths were so high at one point that family and relatives were not allowed to see the body of the deceased, due to the risk of infection spreading. A person dying due to COVID-19 symptoms felt like a body that passed away because of this deadly virus that was killing thousands everyday, around the globe. My painting titled “Minutes after the Death” draws inspiration from this pandemic event. In my painting, a young doctor is portrayed as looking sceptical, almost distant from the fact that a patient has just died on the table. The portrayal of death has been deliberately exaggerated by showing the body in a form of a mummy, wrapped up in white bandages. The time on the clock shows 10 minutes past 12, where 12 is signifying the death time, or the hour of death. The hospital room gives a rather unwelcoming feeling, with the dark dingy walls and the door leading to black emptiness at the far end. The new young doctor looks at the clock and thinks that yet abort death has occurred. Her expression is almost lifeless, neither a sign of distress, not horror, almost as if to say that she has been seeing many such deaths recently in her career. The eerie feeling of the hospital room with the clock ticking away, gives a sense of shifting unpleasantness, as if the doctor didn’t want to be there, didn’t want to see the death in front of her eyes. I relate this to the unpleasant feelings that we all have felt, at sone point or the other, during this Covid-19 pandemic. However, that being said, I feel that we are all still doing extremely great at supporting each other, being able to communicate with each other through these online platforms (such as this very website!) and in looking out for each other during these unprecedented times.


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