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Another newcomer

Another newcomer

Like Joan and Malcolm, I’m also very new to Painters Online and am still feeling my way around. Although I’ve been taking the Artist for the past couple of years, it wasn’t until I entered one of Jean Haines’ painting challenges and was fortunate enough to be a winner that I started looking at the site. Painting was my passion in my early years but after starting work other commitments took over and I didn’t pick up a paintbrush again until about 5 years ago when I joined a local watercolour class and then my local art club. I’m currently exhibition organiser for the club and although I’ve been quite successful in selling at our exhibitions, I do still feel like a raw beginner when I see some of the really talented artists on the site, but have been encouraged by the response I’ve received so far, so thank you very much to those who have commented on my work.

Alan, thank you so much for your comments - I'm really still finding my way with my painting and it helps such a lot to get feedback from established artists like yourself. I always enjoy looking at your paintings and am amazed at how prolific you (and Dennis) are. I've added quite a few to my gallery in the past few weeks, but they aren't all new pictures, although the one I posted last night was - the same scene as one of my earlier posts, but in a different medium. I thought the colours might be a bit strong, but no-one has commented on that, so I guess not. Thanks again for your encouraging feedback.

I also would like to welcome you to the site Jenny, and with work like this I am sure that you will be well received by all. I have commented in the past, in fact tonight's post looks a bit familiar, I believe that I commented on this one some time ago. Keep up the good work and I also look forward to seeing more of it.

Thank you Dennis - you have already commented on a couple of my paintings and I am familiar with yours - I especially love the recent ones with a more violet hue - Sandwell in Winter is my favourite of yours.

Welcome to this site Jenny I shall keep an eye open for your work

Joan, thank you for your lovely comments. I always feel my work is too tight and not expressive enough. I'd love to be able to paint more spontaneously - I particularly like Anne Blockley's work - but it doesn't come naturally to me and I get disheartened when I try. maybe we just need to accept and be true to our own individual style and hope that others see past the shortcomings that we might think are so obvious!

My word, you still feel like a raw beginner with something amazing like this!! I envy you. I visited the N.E.W.A exhibition at present at Gordale garden centre on the Wirral and this would not have been out of place among all those fabulous paintings. Brilliant, I love the shaping and tones, I am so envious!!

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