A pictorial alphabet of favourite places around England – Z for Z-z-z-z-z-z

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A pictorial alphabet of favourite places around England – Z for Z-z-z-z-z-z

A pictorial alphabet of favourite places I've sketched and painted around England

Spring morning, Whiteley Green auto sml

Once again, I’ve never painted in a place beginning with Z, although I would love to spend time painting around Zennor in deepest Cornwall. So, for one final cop-out, Z can be for Z-z-z-z-z-z-z. Yes, it’s true, I have been known to have a snooze after painting locally on a warm Tuesday morning. My two pals paint in oils and always take longer than me to finish so I usually do a pencil or ink sketch to fill in the time before we all head off to the pub. On a warm day, however, after the mental exercise of painting for an hour and a half, and with no other sound than the birds singing, the drone of a distant tractor or plane, and the insects buzzing soporifically, I have lain down on the warm grass, with my head on my painting satchel and nodded off. This final painting is typical of that sort of day, in fact the other two claim they saw a deer in the nearest copse while I was asleep. Hopefully this typical farmland scene makes you want to just lie back and dream of sketching and painting England in all her glory. If you’ve followed my blogs through the entire alphabet, then congratulations, and thank you. That’s all, folks!


Thanks Tessa, my contribution to lockdown reading!

Well done David and you made it through to Z! I’ve enjoyed following your paintings over recent months.

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