Colour Trials article in February 2021 Leisure Painter

Colour Trials article in February 2021 Leisure Painter

Honoured and delighted to have my article explaining my Colour Trials method published in Leisure Painter.

colour trials 3 examples

I am honoured and delighted that my article about my Colour Trials method will appear in the February 2021 issue of Leisure Painter magazine, published on December 24th. Colour Trials enable me to try out several ideas for a pen & wash treatment of an original ink drawing, whilst still keeping the ink drawing intact as such. The sketch is reprinted from a computer file copy as many times as I like on cartridge paper, for using watercolour on. The details of the method appear in the Leisure Painter article, and also in my book “A Painter’s Dozen”, available from Amazon, and ideal for any watercolour landscape painter making a New Year resolution to develop their own style!

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