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How to paint a summer garden in watercolour

Learn how to simplify a garden scene to paint using a variety of watercolour techniques and just four colours with Julie King.

Finished Painting
How to paint a winter sunset

Keith Hodsoll demonstrates a winter sunset painting of Morecambe Bay in watercolour.

A short guide to making your own historical inks

A collaborative effort by Alan Bickley and Fiona Phipps on how to make your own inks using foraged materials.

How to paint bluebells in acrylics

Learn how to capture the essence of a bluebell wood in spring with Mike Rollins.

How to paint a wildflower meadow with butterflies

Jackie Garner shows how to create a textured acrylic painting of wild flowers and grasses using acrylic mediums.

How to paint crocus in watercolour

Paint crocus blooms as you practise two essential watercolour painting techniques, with Karen Rice.

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