Its been a few years now since my visit to this wonderful historic priory, and there is so much of interest for the artist to capture whatever your medium. As I only had a few hours I opted to work up a series of acrylic ink line and wash drawings.

This sketch is on A3 tinted paper, and I’ve also added a touch of white chalk to act as my highlights, it can often give a more softer look than using white gouache.

Top Tip: Working on tinted paper will often open up a whole new visual perspective - there is no distracting glare that you get with white paper, more uniformity throughout the drawing, and your white highlights will be more prominent.

For my studio painting I’ve concentrated on simplifying the whole structure, using bold shapes with emphasis on strong value/tonal structure, as well as a limited palette. I’ve taken a fairly free approach to this subject, drawing in the framework with bold black acrylic lines, and introduced layers of glazing as it progressed. 

A Vision of Wenlock Priory, oil, (50x50cm)