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What's in this Issue?


  • Susie Hodge talks to Kate Newington, winner of The Artist Award in last year's Society of Women Artists' exhibition
  • Marine Costello begins a series of articles on how to build a successful career as an artist in our digital world

Practical painting and drawing:

  • Develop your oil painting skills with Alan Bickley as he begins a new four-part series by discussing popular choices of materials
  • Discover the techniques you will need to paint a winter landscape in gouache with Robert Brindley
  • Rob Wareing shares his methods for painting alla-prima oil portraits over more than one session by keeping the paint wet and workable
  • Pet portraits in monochrome - Kate Priestman demonstrates and advises on the business side of working to commission
  • Capture a winter sunset in watercolour with Paul Talbot-Greaves
  • Marie Antoniou encourages you to let your imagination run riot when painting snowy landscapes
  • Starting with a moody sky in watercolour, Barry Herniman begins a four-part series on painting elements of the landscape
  • Discover Robert Dutton's favourite surfaces for creating texture for expressive paintings
  • Steve Strode explores a new range of colours from Winsor & Newton's Winton oils
  • Learn how to paint hair with Ann Witheridge
  • Nicholas Poullis completes his watercolour series with a demonstration of a light-filled scene


  • The Art World
  • Your views
  • Exhibitions
  • Art book reviews
  • This month's PaintersOnline Editor's Choice Award

All this and more in the February issue of The Artist, out on December 24

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