What could be better than sitting in front of a wonderful old historic building such as this (see below), and just scribbling away in a sketch book (particularly in the warm Spanish climate). Nothing has to be accurate to any degree, it’s simply a matter of getting down the basics, concentrate on areas of detail in separate thumb-nail sketches, and either block in a few main colours, or just jot down some colour notes.

I often use these scribbles for later studio paintings, but how useful these have now become in the current situation, at least until I am able to get out and about painting again. This highlights the importance of recording everything in a sketch book, I’ve got hundreds of similar quick sketches to fall back on. There was enough useable information here to give me a starting point, I’m not after an architectural drawing, just to say something about how the scene inspired me, simple as that!

The Alhambra, Granada – An Impression, oil on MDF, (51x51cm)