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How to paint Christmas baubles

Learn how to paint shiny baubles, looking at light, shadows, reflections and highlights, in water-mixable oils

A short guide to making your own historical inks

A collaborative effort by Alan Bickley and Fiona Phipps on how to make your own inks using foraged materials.

How to create your own watercolour medium

Make your own watercolour medium with Caroline Ross

How to paint a Spritsail Barge on the Orwell

Alan Bickley uses pen and wash to depict an iconic Spiritsail barge on the Orwell.

How to paint a still life with dried poppies

Alan Bickley demonstrates a still life of dried poppy seedheads in mixed media

How to paint a landscape using cold wax and oil

Barbara Curry explains her process for painting landscapes using cold wax and oil techniques.

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