Still Life with Oranges

Nick Kane shares his working methods for using acrylic ink resist techniques as he demonstrates a modern approach to a still life painting.

Acrylic ink resist is a technique that I have been battling with for many years. During that time, I feel have never fully conquered it and I suppose that that is what drives me on to the next work.

What is the acrylic ink resist technique?

The technique relies upon the different reactions between watersoluble paint and waterproof acrylic inks.

To demonstrate my methods I have chosen a still life composition, a subject I often use as a reset when I feel I have drawn myself into an artistic dead end.

What materials will I need?

For this painting I used a sheet of pre-stretched Arches 300g rough watercolour paper, acrylic modelling paste, medium grain gesso, acrylic inks (pigment-based rather than the non lightfast dye-based inks), Indian ink, cheap poster paints and a selection of synthetic soft hair brushes, sizes 4-12, both flats and rounds.

The colours

I would describe the colour scheme for this painting tenuously as analogous - viridian, lemon yellow, yellow orange and orange. Of course the elephant in the room is the inclusion of the cerulean blue mug.